THE LOVE OF A DOG – A Tribute To Maggie


A friend’s dog went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. This brought back many memories of my dog, who I lost to old age October, 30, 2013, she was 14 years old!

Although it was nine months ago today, it seems like yesterday. I still feel her in my home at times. I can still see her prancing around when I come in the door. I wish I could bury my face in her fur and whisper secrets in her ear. Her time on this planet is long past, and I am struggling with whether I should get another dog or not.

I don’t want to have to go through a painful good bye again, but when I think of all the love my dog Maggie had and how she inspired so much love in me…

I am lucky to have loved a dog and been loved by a dog as devoted as her.


You can’t explain the love of a dog.

The fullness in your heart, and how

each dog in their own way is God’s lovely

way of saying to our soul that we are loved.

After all, Dog spelled backwards is God!

Dogs become family, and down to the core

of their being make our little world a

happier, better place.

They give this unconditional love

that no human could possibly give,

because this love is so God like.

Losing a friend, a dog is one of the hardest things

in life to endure; they simply aren’t here long enough!

Yet, their imprint on our heart is so deep,

that when it’s time for them to go,

we simply have loved beyond what anyone will know.

They are simply our best friends,

our family in fur coats.

They take all of our love and secrets with them when they go.

They are indeed our heart strings reaching up to

Heaven. until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

How lovely to be a pet, a friend that was loved that much!

Sandie Heckman


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