At times, God’s plan can leave me perplexed. Sometimes the things that happen around me are so unexplainable, that it can only be God’s plan. At other times it is so clear, so clear that you have to raise your hands up and praise Him!

I’ve watched my friend go through months and months of life changing events. At times, although she is frustrated, she never ever forgets to Praise God. It is beyond amazing how her faith grows in leaps and bounds. It is even more amazing to watch the transformation. I still can’t seem to comprehend the possibilities of this Jesus phenomenon. Maybe for some it is a bit much, calling all of these happenings God moments, but what else could it be but a God moment? Some call them happenings, some will call them blessings, but right now I am so in awe of the entire situation that I can only believe it is God’s plan!

My friend quit her job over a year ago. She decided to devote her time entirely to a Human Trafficking organization Rescue Innocence I’ve watched the transformation my friend has gone through, and the life altering events since she quit her job. I too became involved with Rescue Innocence last year, and the two of us have tag teamed doing outreach to the homeless in our neighborhoods.

Maybe, because I am a new Christian, my faith is not as strong. Maybe, I haven’t learned how to live my life totally relying on God’s plan or God’s will in my life. My friend, surrounds herself with total belief in God’s plan. She will live her life in such a way, that no matter what, He will provide. Quite frankly, God is working hard to show himself and His plan!

Matthew 7:7  “Ask, and it will be given to you seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

My friend is a constant Prayer Warrior. I too have become one as well. When you are in constant prayer, totally relying on God to “use you” as he sees fit, your life becomes a total array of God Moments. I wrote a story about Praying Before You Hit The Pavement with the intention that if everyone prayed before leaving their driveway, their drive to work could be less stressful, and so would their day. Well, one evening when my friend and I were preparing to move a large quantity of items we use for outreach, we prayed before we hit the pavement. We prayed, because we had very little gas in the truck and the gas gauge was broken. We prayed that he protect us during our drive, and allow us to arrive at our destination safely. Well, no sooner than the Amen was said, the truck shut off! Now it wasn’t an extremely long prayer, so the engine wasn’t running very long, but the truck literally shut off! I sat in total shock, unbelieving of what I just witnessed. Sure enough the truck ran out of gas. Sure enough our prayer was answered because, we never left the driveway and we were unharmed! The miraculous thing about this prayer was the five gallon container of gasoline in the bed of the truck! We filled that tank up and we were able to arrive at our destination unharmed. Our items were safely stored for our next outreach, and I left that moment in total awe at how faithful our God truly is.

Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

My faith grew a whole lot stronger that evening.  I started to pray about everything, and I am watching miraculous things happen.

Last evening my friend was going to gas up her truck, again! The truck died right at the gas pump. The tank was full, but the engine wouldn’t turn over. Well I stood and prayed again! This time I prayed for someone, anyone to help her. After this prayer was said, my friend’s neighbor showed up and checked out the truck, but couldn’t fix it! Then the tow truck arrived, only this time the tow truck driver helped. He towed the truck to a garage where three guys worked on this truck into the early morning hours! Crazy! Why would three men work on a truck so hard, and want nothing in return? God moment? God’s plan? These men changed three parts in the engine, and the truck started up just like it should. Funny thing is, the radio never worked and now it does. I guess God wants us to cruise in style, cranking Christian music out our windows for everyone to hear! Prayer answered? Well, I think it definitely was. The truck is fixed, and up and running again. A band of Angels showed up last evening and my prayer was indeed answered! God’s plan was revealed.

John 14:13-14 Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it

I’ve been privileged to watch so many transformations over the past few days. I’ve prayed for tiny needs for people, and the needs have been met. I’ve prayed the biggest prayer ever, asking God to put a Child abuser behind bars, and indeed this person is in jail. I am officially a Prayer Warrior! I believe when you pray, and remain in your faith in God, your prayers will be answered. What have you prayed for today?

Sandie Heckman


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