I Am Not A Prude!

fifty shades of grey

Yesterday I watched Facebook go abuzz over the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer! I was amazed at all the joyous comments on the Valentine’s Day, 2015 premiere date.

Have I become a prude?

Three years ago I read this book! Yes, I admit I read it. At the time, I was not a faith driven Warrior of Christ. At the time, I did not hold myself in high regard, and guard my heart and soul as I do now. My moral values and how I now see the world have totally changed! My philosophy on how I see other women being treated by today’s society has changed tremendously. I am still in awe of how much my attitude for myself and my self-worth has changed. I didn’t realize how much a person could change after they profess their love for Jesus Christ. I didn’t realize how much my Christian beliefs have changed me. My faith walk has taken a path that even I couldn’t have possibly imagined at the time. I’ve heard it said that when you ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit your whole world changes, well I am a true believer now.

I have been a volunteer with a Human Trafficking organization, Rescue Innocence (http://www.rescueinnocence.org/) for the past year, and my total outlook on “spicy” sex movies has now taken on a new dimension. I am not only concerned for the young women of our world, I am also concerned for the young men as well! I’ve watched young woman after woman voice her opinion on this new movie coming out on Valentine’s Day. I’ve listened to their laughs and giggles and heard them say that they can’t wait for it to be on the big screen. Do we really want to portray ourselves as a society that thinks it is okay to idolize a sociopathic pervert? Really? Do we really want to portray ourselves as people who think it is okay for a man to sexually dominate a young, impressionable woman?

After reading all the comments on Facebook, it dawned on me, a lot of the young women posting comments are women with small children. Then it hit me! This is what we are portraying to our children and how they see our society. We teach our children values and how to treat other human beings in life but, what happens when they watch us be okay with media that portrays women as sex slaves? Do our young children see us as Christians with values, or do they see us as Christians with a twisted moral system? How will our children evolve into God loving individuals in our future?

Since I’ve only been a practicing Christian for over a year and a half, my faith has grown beyond anything I could have comprehended. My faith is so dear to me, I guard it and I am careful of who I am in the company of and how I portray myself to others.

I am not a Prude!
I am a Child of God. I am a Christian!

I love the Lord with all my heart and soul, and when I portray myself as anyone other than a Christ centered human being, all I am doing is hurting God. This beautiful God who breathed life into me, forgave me and granted me grace on the Cross is my Lord and Savior! I have to protect my soul and I have to protect how I portray myself as a Christian. I will not be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, it is my choice  just as it is the choice of others whether they go to see this film or not.

I hope that more woman and men will come together and realize the plot behind Fifty Shades of Grey. My hope is that men will realize they do not want to be represented by a character in a story that does not respect God’s women here on earth!

I pray that Fifty Shades of Grey is not setting a precedent of who we are becoming, and how we are teaching the children of our future.

Sandie Heckman


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