I looked at the calendar today and realized, we are smack in the middle of summer! I remember, when summer would slowly pass by at a speed and pace that was just right for my youth. Those days of our youth, where the eternal summer days would slowly come to an end and we’d all have to go back to school.
My daughter and I were reminiscing the other day about summers gone by. I was amazed at the little things she remembered. Little things like, popsicles, excursions to the Zoo, going to the playground and many, many summer days spent floating at the pool. Gone are the days of the grandest of summers, yet they remain instilled in our minds forever!

So on this Middle of the Summer day, I need to ask you a simple question. How is your summer? Have you done something extraordinary with your children? Have you planted a memory in their mind that will go on for all of eternity?

Are you one of the fortunate ones that has taken a vacation? Did you make a scrap book, so your child never forgets? Some things last forever in their minds. When you spend some days making a scrap book of your Summer Days, these memories last even longer!


Have you had A chance to take a mini-volunteer vacation? Have you taken your children to your Local Food Bank and volunteered your time? Have you been able to go to the local Homeless shelter and hand out Blessing Bags or Hygiene bags?

Volunteering, and sharing the ability to do so with your child has a tremendous impact on who they become in the future. Volunteering is a timeless act of instilling God’s love in your child’s heart. Volunteering fulfills empty, boring days with an event that usually has impact and a humbling effect on everyone.

I hope you are having a beautiful middle of your Summer. Whether you are enjoying it with your children, friends or family, remember it goes by fast. Capture a memory and keep the Summer alive all year round.



Sandie Heckman


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