what if

Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if there was no spiritual being directing us?
Did you ever wonder what people would be like if there was no faith, hope or truth to having a God that made the earth and all that is good in this world?
How could we function if there was no faith, no hope that someday we all go to a better place?
What if everything that we’ve ever done good or bad went unnoticed?
What if everything around us had no meaning other than it was free for the taking and that everything as we know it was gone?
There would be no wonder in the world.
There would be no self- adjusting of the soul, no mercy, no caring.
There would simply be no world at all.
We would just function as a society that didn’t care about each other, only ourselves. We’d have no soul for God to keep, no loving parents to guide us on a journey through time as we evolve into good, God loving people.
What if when we were born and there was no right or wrong?
What if we are born of this world and there is no one to tell us “you did a good job”, or “that is bad”?
Would we remain innocent, or would we become a world of hatred?
I can’t imagine not loving, not caring or not even being. I can’t imagine not having a divine presence in my life on a daily basis. I can’t image at all.
I drive down the freeway and I am overwhelmed by all the beauty that encompasses the earth. How different it would be if the trees in the spring would not vibrantly start to sprout leaves that eventually turn brilliant green.
What would happen to all the energy in all the birds and animals that come awake in the Spring bringing new life to our planet after a cold winter?
Would we notice all the beauty around us, the calming of waters, the still green grass or would we simply exist as a species that knows no time or place?
If God didn’t exist, there would be no world as we know it.
There would be no morning and night, no moon and no stars.
There would be no birds singing, or trees swaying in the warm breezes as the sunset on the horizon.
All the good in the world would not exist.
There would be no common bond between mankind as we know it. No love to go around, no life as we know it.
Just like a baby that is born innocent, if left alone, over time the baby will cry out in pain and anguish if not picked up. This baby cannot exist without human touch or a loving voice and kind touches from a loving mother or father. Could we simply be?
Without all the goodness, all the love, and all the wonder that God has placed on the earth and in our souls, we couldn’t survive. Darkness would cover the world like a blanket on a cold night, choking off all the air that we need to breathe.
So if we are better off with the love of our God, then why is faith so hard to find and so hard to hang on to? Why does it take the magnitude of believing and never giving up to realize that there is a God that made all that is good around us. God gave our souls free will. Free to believe all that is good, all that is bad and to decide in our own hearts which path, which journey we want to take. Is it easier to believe something you can see, something you can hold than it is to believe in something that you have to go on faith to have? Why are some people so compelled to believe in a being that you cannot see, cannot touch, and be so aware of all the good that God did in this world? Who decides who believes and who does not? Is it the background of the person, where they come from, what has happened to them over time? Is it fair that a person be condemned if they never believed at all, simply because they weren’t given the tools to see?
Witnessing is the reason for all the good in this world. We were born of a God that you cannot see nor hear, yet some people are chosen to believe so strongly that they witness on a constant daily basis. If you don’t spread the word of God to an unsuspecting soul how will they ever know? If they were never given a bible, never stepped foot in a church how will they ever be told the truth, or allowed to make a choice into what they believe?
What would happen if you never shared your love for God? What would happen to mankind if he kept his love for God totally to himself? Some people are so ashamed of what people will think if they witness that they choose to keep quiet and lead a solemn, quiet life. Are they wrong?
Does God choose strong willed people to spread his word? Or is it simply life altering events in our lives that draw us closer to him and in return we feel the need and the want to tell others of his wonder and love? If you love God with all your heart and soul, keeping this faith tucked inside does not allow that one person who knows nothing to know all that they are missing and all of life’s goodness. That one person’s life could be changed forever by simply sharing in the wonder and glory of all God has to offer.
Sandie Heckman


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