In the midst of a sometime chaotic world, I have found my passion to grant kindness and share happiness all around my work place.

I work at a beautiful, all girls college in the mid-west. Stephens College, the second oldest women’s college in the country has not only been my work home for the past eight years, it also was my daughter’s college of choice. I am able to look at Stephens College from a totally different perspective than most. I not only work behind the scenes, I am also a proud parent of a Stephens woman and graduate of 2013!

Stephens College vision of “Dreaming Up” has become my new reality.

The one thing I love about Stephens College is how everyone works together and shares the same passion for empowering woman to be the best they can be. Random Acts of Kindness or “Life Lifts” have become my obsession, and have truly made my work place a better place to spend eight hours of my daily life. I’ve been empowered to show people I work with just how much I believe in them, and truly appreciate their work ethics. Making someone’s day truly make’s my work world a better place every day! I too have become empowered to be the best I can be and Dream Up!

Monday’s can be so mundane! I took a simple nut from Missouri and placed happy faces and the words “Happy Monday You Are My Favorite Nut”! What a thrill to watch people I work with laugh silly over something as simple as a nut! My quest for happiness was met on this particular day!

I truly believe simple Random Acts of Kindness can make this entire world a better planet to reside. Random Acts not only make the receiver happy, it has given me a whole new perspective on life! I am a happier person, and I enjoy making everyone around me happy! Life is so short, so precious, why not seize the moment and engage in life from a happier point of view?

If you are looking for the ultimate way to spread kindness in your work environment, try engaging in Random Acts of Kindness. Watch the ripple effect begin! When you respond to people in a positive way and let them know that you are appreciative of their hard work, the effect ripples down to the next person in the office. You too will see amazing transformations take place.


After making up these jars, I wrote a small poem to signify why it is so important to realize the qualities about yourself!

This is a Quality jar
Inside you will find written on tiny cards,
qualities and fabulous things
that make you who you are.
Simple things about you
many people see from afar.

Sometimes we need a reminder
to help our greatness take flight.
It is the little things in you
that make you shine so bright!

And on that dreary day
when you aren’t feeling quite up to par,
look inside and find again,
what makes you who you are.

Great people aren’t made every day,
our qualities come from inside,
and this is just one way to say
the goodness in you,
these fabulous things
gives Stephens her great pride!


Simple Acts can transform your own life while transforming others. Be the light that changes everything and causes a ripple effect of happiness in your workplace! Start your own Random Acts of Kindness movement and teach others to believe in themselves!
Sandie Heckman


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