I stared at the house from across the street. A stranger’s home that I have seen over and over from my friend’s driveway. Today as I looked over at this home, I had a familiar feeling from my past. As I looked at the house from every angle, eyeing up the roof lines and the front porch, I soon realized how familiar this house actually was. I had lived in a house similar to this fifteen years ago, while I was still married. Although, my house did not have a front porch like this home, it became clear right down to the color of the brick that this house was very similar to mine. I always seem to be drawn to this home, always looking at it when I am walking up my friend’s driveway, but this particular evening I found it difficult to take my eyes off of it.

The evening darkness had fallen, and the shadows of the early evening fell on this home like a familiar old friend. The owners of this home turned on the overhead garage light as they walked around the driveway, playing with their dog. As I watched them playing, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were happy, and what type of family life they had. Were they warriors for Christ, constantly entertaining people with God’s word? Or were they a couple who remained married, untouched by the love of God that could be in their heart? There was no conversation between these two people as they passed each other in their yard. Was it that hard for them to engage in conversation, or were they worn from a hard day at work? This couple didn’t appear to be that old, probably the same age as I long ago when I owned a home similar to theirs. As I watched them putting lawn care items away from their driveway, I had to wonder if they were happy. As I watched, it became clear to me just how important our walk with Christ is and how others see us in our daily routine.

What is your walk with Christ like? Do you portray a positive image always smiling and looking someone in the eye, as you engage in conversation? Do you ask the person you are having a conversation with if they are having a good day? Do you try to get to know them better if they are a stranger? Do you share your love for Jesus Christ at any point in your conversations, during the day?
When I lived in a home similar to this, my faith in Christ was not strong at all. My marriage was struggling and my husband and I did not engage in Christ centered conversations at all. I had to wonder what people saw in me and what I portrayed as a person, or neighbor at this time in my life. Did I seem like I had it all together, or did I seem as if I was falling apart? Everything that we do, how we act, how we walk, our bodily gestures all portray a note of confidence or break down in our everyday lives. An observant person can see the personality changes in us, and we can either come across as broken, or holding our own confident in our walk with Jesus.

As I watched this young couple, I began to question what I portray in my everyday life, now that I have Christ in my heart. I always try to smile at everyone and look them in the eye. I try to walk with a caring heart, knowing I could meet someone that truly needs to hear the word at any moment. I keep Christ in my heart, and try to carry a confident soul that even Satan can’t break down in my everyday life. I hope I now portray a Christian whose life has been touched and changed by Jesus Christ. I hope I portray someone walking calmly through life, not carrying my burdens on my shoulders. I hope I now portray a lifestyle of a God loving Christian. I hope that my love for the Lord is so contagious and I make others who do not know Christ question who He is. How has your walk with Christ changed your portrayal of a Christ loving soul?
Sandie Heckman


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