It didn’t take long to realize how precious life is, and how quickly it can be taken or pass us by! Stay in the moment and embrace the life you have, for along with this journey comes great pride in knowing that our Lord and Savior gave us the greatest gift, the gift of loving our children in the moment. Some wander for years seeking the ultimate purpose, but it’s right before you when you have an innocent child in your midst. How we play, and how we teach, is our ultimate purpose in life. These tiny lives are entrusted to us, by God. He’s entrusted us to teach them to be the loving people they will grow up to be.

I listened to a friend complain because her children, her beautiful boys woke her up before it was her time to arise. She was stuck in the moment of knowing she could have slept longer. Instead of looking at these boys with the wonderment we should have, she became angry and self centered in her own vial sleepiness. These beautiful boys were there ready to take on the day, but she showed them a side of not wanting to be the ultimate provider of what could have been a beautiful wake up call.

As I sat and played in Lego Land I thought of a woman checking into a local hospital. Her life had been turned upside down by a boyfriend who thought of her only as a mere sexual encounter, when he saw fit. One person in her life who she thought she could trust, had placed her in a situation of brokenness and despair. She was so broken she no longer believed there was a way out. She broke free yesterday! She stood in the moment knowing that she was worthy of receiving God’s greatest gift, his love and compassion for her. She is setting the course for a new life now, one that does not involve worthlessness or Human Trafficking. She is free.

What we teach our children about themselves will determine who they become when the grow old. Will they become leaders, ones who teach how Lego Land can be a safe haven for adventure? Or, will we teach our children that they are not always the best “fit” in our day?
Stay in the moment of knowing that our children, our beautiful children learn from us the ultimate gift of being Christ loving people. Adults who always believe that the person they are with is worthy! No matter what time of day, or how our day is going, these children are always a precious gift entrusted to us. Share your kindness not your anger. Share your love, not your disgust. Share your human heart, the one God wants to fill with gladness and joy. Be blessed knowing you have a choice! Look up and receive the ultimate love and pass it on!
Sandie Heckman


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