It’s a funny thing having a best friend,
someone you can share
your soul with and talk for hours.

You get so close
you can finish each other’s sentences.
They always, always have your best interest at heart.
It doesn’t matter if you speak
while in each other’s company or not.
Sometimes the silence
and just being around this person
helps heal the wounds of
the daily adventures we endure.

best friends

God created best friends for us,
because we all need a reflection of who we are
to keep us in check.
Someone who will tell the other
what they need to do to keep them safe,
keep their hearts at their kindest,
and to make us a genuinely better person.

God wasn’t messing around
when he sent us our Best Friends.
He knew we’d shine brighter and better
by simply sending us this person;
this best friend that makes our world complete.
Sandie Heckman


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