I sat down next to him.
He was caught in between slumbering sleep
and the quietness of the day.
I knew as he curled up on my lap,
by the heat coming from his cheeks
he was quickly seeking the ultimate sleep of the day.


What better place than to be situated
on your mother’s lap
during the quiet time of your day,
where you can drift away carelessly
as the outside world melts away in the distance.
You can lay there for endless hours
as your mother rubs your cheeks of softness.

Your tiny world dissolves away into her lap
and you are finally at peace with the world.
What better place to be than to be aside
the first woman that you loved,
the one woman that will always love you
as hard as she could.
Ultimately when God made Moms,
he sent a little piece of heaven
and placed it inside her heart
so you could always find a little piece of heaven
in the middle of the day
in your mother’s lap.


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