Be HAPPY that you have money to buy new shoes. The homeless man down the street, has never had the opportunity to feel new leather under his feet!

Be DILIGENT in telling your spouse, significant other or friend that you are grateful for their kindness and love. Somewhere on the other side of the street – a young woman or man is being beaten by their spouse or significant other, just simply because they got involved with someone hateful.

Show KINDNESS to the elderly walking in the street for someday you too will be elderly as well!

Be THANKFUL for your “inner child” that allows you to be silly and play with your children, grandchildren or the small child down the street. Somewhere on this tiny planet of ours, there is another human being that had to grow up a Child Prostitute and never had the chance to play games or have friends when they were little. There “Inner Child” was taken away all too soon!

Be GRATEFUL for patience, as you remember to “breathe” on this day that your child challenges you. Somewhere a little boy or girl is getting beaten, because their Mommy or Daddy didn’t have patience to stop, think and just simply love them in the moment.

Be OPTIMISTIC that tomorrow will come and go, because you were born with the knowledge that “God has this” and he resides in your heart!

Sandie Heckman


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