I sat there last night watching my friend set a trap for an innocent mouse trapped inside her home. I became a train wreck of emotions, and I cried like a baby! As I peeked around that corner at this tiny creature, innocent because it was trapped in a “people world”, I became filled with compassion. Had I become so soft in my soul from having God in my life? This tiny creature God made, was yet another example of how small we really are in the eyes of God. We live our life on a path driven by our circumstances, and try to become better human beings by having God in our life. I actually felt sad for this little mouse. Here he sat innocent to the fact that he was simply hungry, and would eat peanut butter from the trap, and have his life ended without even knowing that this trap was going to kill him.
Although, the day shelters and soup kitchens in my community give the homeless a meal, a place to shower, clean their clothes and help them find jobs and housing, do the shelters do enough to get the homeless out of the “trap of homeless life”? If the homeless have a background that instilled a label of felon on their record, how do these people enter back into our world if they desire a better life for themselves and their families? If they truly crave or hunger a better life, how can they break free of the trap of homelessness if they can’t find employment or shelter to keep them off the streets? Many find it difficult, or next to impossible to find employment because of their past lifestyle. They wander the streets and can’t find a job, because they once entered a world that has now filtered into their present time.
How do we end this “trap” for these homeless people? How do we stop feeding them from the buffet of homeless life, and allow them to do for themselves? We need to find employers and housing complexes that are willing to take a chance on these “lost souls” that truly want to better themselves and remove the trap that is choking their lives. The homeless hunger, yet are caught up in a trap, a world of inhuman living conditions because they must conform to a working society. Just because they once endured a lifestyle that now labels them a felon, must they live on for the rest of their lives with this label around their necks? How do we entertain the idea that everyone is equal in God’s eye, and deserves to be employed and not have to eat peanut butter from a trap of unjust?
We need more jobs, more employers and housing complexes that are willing to trust, that these lost souls will thrive if they are given the chance. Not all homeless will survive the test, yet there are many that if given the tools and circumstances could remove the trap of inhuman justice and help to feed those that are still trapped beyond their intentions.


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