carsI met a young prayer warrior who is relentless in his ability to pray to God, and ask for the healing graces of God to be bestowed on his family and friends. Even at times when he prays, he asks God’s blessings on a young boy his family sponsors in Africa! He is a gifted young man, with a magical mind! If you are feeling down, or enjoy being in the moment with a seven year old, this young man will challenge you to be young at heart. You will feel like you have stepped back into your childhood. When you are in his presence after having had a bad day, you can’t help but feel your unsettled frustrations dissolve into thin air. He will make you laugh and ask you to play just as you used to as a child. Tiny cars, racetracks and all the little things desired by a seven year old will evolve into endless hours of play, and you will revisit your imagination from years gone by. Hours can be spent magically dreaming up roadways and traffic jams that transform a living room into suburbia. Even the most gifted architect would be jealous!

Some children are born with the ability to play music. Some children are so athletic you’d think they were born with sneakers on their feet. This boy, I believe was touched by God even before his little feet hit the Earth! Although this boy is challenged to meet life head on while living with ADHD, his challenges are met each day as he surfs through life on a happy go lucky ribbon of life! Every soul that he touches is changed for the good. He brings a charisma and lifeline that is touched by God’s gift of healing the souls and minds of those that are around him. When he greets any person, his face lights up with joy, and can only be described as bliss in its finest moment.
I’ve met other people who have ADHD, yet I find it difficult sometime to hear them speak of their everyday problems, dwelling only on their struggles and placing blame on ADHD. I know that the sole reason this boy’s struggles are sometimes less than monumental, is simply because he’s been given a faith based lifestyle that allows him to call on God for protection and strength. I find myself becoming very protective of him because I don’t like to see labels put on children so young. Yes, it is a fact that he has ADHD, but I prefer to believe that he is gifted by God to be a quick thinker, fast talker and leaping through life just trying to be happy. Every day he strives to make those around him happy as well, by being a compassionate Christ driven spirit that tries to see only the good in people he meets.
I sat with him one day while a jet flew overhead, and he described the stream of jet exhaust coming from the engine as “cloud tails” in the sky. We spent fifteen minutes pretending we were at an air show, and my imagination took off and I truly felt free. His shear ability to produce a mindset of being in the moment and knowing that you truly are where he says you are, is beyond any descriptive words in the dictionary. During a snowstorm, I found myself playing in the snow with him, and I felt sheer joy while making a snowman. The conversations we engage in are so witty, that being in the moment with him, is the only place I want to be! His ability to magically make you feel better if you’ve had a bad day, or try harder because he knows you can, makes it even harder to let him down if you can’t. He makes you believe in yourself!
Innocence is sometimes lost in children who live daily lives in an electronic world, where the only happiness is how many planes or aliens you can kill in a day. We’ve simply lost the ability to play with our children and give them the guidance to allow them to engage their imagination and magical mind. Although, at times, there are every day challenges that are hard for him to face, his living life to the fullest is apparent when I watch him pray with our pastor every Sunday. He believes that if he prays with our pastor, before leaving church, he will have a better week at school because Jesus is by his side.

This young man has been engaging in helping the homeless in our area. His mother is very proactive in bringing the homeless back to a life of living their dream. By helping the homeless to find shelter, clothing and food she also allows her son to come along and bring happiness to everyone he meets. Beside the fact that some of the homeless once had children of their own, now lost because of the hardships they face, she has taught her son to simply see the good in everyone. When he speaks with them and prays, he brings blessings to their lives along the way. You can see the transformation in these lost souls as he accepts them as human beings with a simple hiccup in the road, and they become more engaged in speaking to everyone around them as well. He brings out the best in people. Maybe God had a plan to put these “little people” around us to help us find our way, but this Magical Boy is changing lives, and in the end he may grow to be the Magical Mindset all of us need to enhance our lives daily.
Sandie Heckman


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