I met a wandering angel who changed my life, and how I see the goodness in everything around me. Some people are born to bring joy to others. Some people are born to do God’s work every day of their life. Some are reborn through Jesus Christ and shine like the sun, moon and stars daily.

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,

and He will repay him for his deed. Proverbs 19:17  ESV

In my hometown, there are many homeless afflicted by job loss, health issues, or addiction; yet, there is a wandering angel in my town who sees no afflictions. She only sees human beings that can be lifted up and saved if given the right tools and help. She is so in tune with the Lord, she will pray for protection, pray for God to close doors she should not go through, and delve into some of the darkest places in my town. These dark places serve as hideaways for the homeless. Some of our homeless cannot get into shelters because they were once convicted of crimes which now label them felons. In our society, once you are a felon you are sometime doomed to a life of nothingness, even if your worse crime was writing a bad check! Everyone makes mistakes in life, bad choices, choices that will define who you are for the rest of your life. We as a society are still responsible for helping the stricken along the way. We are all God’s children, and if we want to live a Godly Christ like life, we need to help each other. It’s time for us to do something, to be bold in our faith! It is time to transform the lives of the lost, to help the homeless, the people who are doing without. My friend, the wandering angel is doing something to help the homeless. Through her dedication and passion for Jesus Christ, my neighborhoods are transforming and the homeless are being set free from a life that no human should have to endure.

and he died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised. 2 Corinthians 5:15 ESV

I embark on a journey, a journey that covers many streets, and alleys, and consists of other people who are willing to follow in the footsteps of the wandering angel, the angel that follows Jesus footsteps on a path of mercy and healing. Endless hours are spent seeking out the souls that are trying to get ahead. Most of the homeless are hidden away from the neighborhoods that we all know, sleeping countless nights in tents donated by the wandering angel. Some of the homeless need a push to get them going. Some are so distraught by the walls and closed doors they have encountered, that they see no future for themselves. There are some that need help with reading because of dyslexia, and then there are those that need a hot meal and an ear that will listen to their story. As the stories unfold, the wandering angel takes notes of their needs. Later, lists of everyday essentials we take for granted, are met by giving the homeless clothing, food, and hygiene supplies. The wandering angel receives donations from other caring individuals who are awe struck by her ability to help the homeless and less fortunate. These caring individuals actually wait for her next move, her next transformation of helping a lost soul. The faces of the homeless light up whenever she is in their presence. It is obvious that they have great trust in my friend, and they have great trust that through Jesus Christ, she will be able to help them crawl out of their despair so they too can give back to society.

Medical needs lists are taken, and by the grace of God, these homeless soon find themselves seeing doctors and getting the medicines they need to help them live a fuller life. One man had stage 2 diabetes and didn’t have his medical needs met. The wandering angel was able to get him the medical attention he needed. I sat in awe as she was able to persuade the Health Department to get him in to see a doctor as soon as possible. Insulin and other medicines were soon dispensed, and this man started to transform back to a healthy human being. As of this writing, this young man has found the Lord, had his medical needs met, and today he starts a new career in Landscaping. When you put your mind to it, and know how to coordinate the efforts of people willing to help, wondrous things begin to happen, and transformations are laid out in front of my eyes. The homeless have a reason to go on, suddenly they are given hope! Suddenly the reason the wandering angel does this day in and day out, without a paycheck is clear. She is doing everything she does through prayer, and following where God leads her on this journey. She is a dedicated servant of God.

A few weeks ago, I participated in an outreach project through my church. The day of events consisted of everyone coming together to make sack lunches and hygiene packs to distribute later in the day. The most moving moment was watching some of the homeless we have helped, engage in helping others that have fallen down. They too packed lunches, hygiene packs, and helped distribute them later in the day. As we embarked on a local park and numerous other locations, the hard work the wandering angel had endured was justified by watching people who were once victims themselves, doing outreach along with people from my church. It was amazing to see all these people in my community helping others to get back up. As we sat in a local park, the conversations began, and I learned that these people, these homeless victims are no different than ourselves. They too had families now lost to a life of despair, and as they opened a sack lunch and looked up with a smile, I watched my friend change their lives by a simple conversation of sharing her love for Jesus Christ.
My whole world has changed from being around my friend, the wandering angel. She has changed my soul from being uncaring to humbled, and I am thankful for things I used to take for granted. Suddenly a roof over my head, a warm bed and food is everything and more. I no longer feel the need to fulfill my mall shopping quota. I actually go to the grocery store and fill up on food items I can give to the homeless. I am making a difference in people’s lives by simply helping the wandering angel to make a difference every day.
Numerous families have been helped by the wandering angel. Some families are moving into homes of their own, because she cared enough, found the right resources and devotes herself to fulfilling the needs of these sweet people’s lives through the love of Jesus Christ. She has given hope, health, and love to those who may have thought that all was lost. On Sundays I now help bring families to church. A simple car ride is the difference between the homeless knowing God, and these people possibly missing a chance to engage in street drug activity that they have now left behind. Bringing people to God is more fulfilling than a promotion at work, or a new car in my driveway. When you watch these people come to a life in Christ, it is by far the most amazing transformation of all time. Standing next to a man in church who was once homeless and has now found himself in Christ, is by far the most fulfilling thing in my life. But, the most amazing transformation by far, is the transformation in me, and how I now am a more caring Christian, and I am proud to be part of the wandering angel’s army of people making a difference one street corner at a time.


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