Dedicated to all the victims of Human Trafficking. For those who have been abused or victimized, there is a place where you can find peace and sanctuary.

blue lake
There is a place where you can find sanctuary
in the grace of God.
Where a pool of crystal blue water
bathes the shore line of the pristine grassy edge.
Where the beauty of a summer day unfolds before you,
and takes your breath away.
The water here is so calm and still,
your reflection becomes flawless
as you look upon yourself in the glistening glasslike water.
Time stands still as the warm breezes embrace
your total being and you know
that you are protected by God, and you feel his presence.
You are able to find rest, and you take delight
in quenching your thirst in the cold, crystal waters that flow.
The all too familiar calling to leave this oasis,
and re-enter the chaotic, dark world you are used to,
becomes harshly known as you pass by the enemy
that has kept you prisoner for so long.
You take refuge in knowing that along the way
God will guide you on your path and lead you out of the darkness.
As you hunger for more guidance and love from the almighty Father,
you are revived before the enemy
as your heart explodes with eternal love and gratitude.
You are reborn and reawakened to the love light from above.
The divine presence is so strong,
you are able to break the chains of your bondage
and head home to be seated with your everlasting God
for the rest of your days.




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