Grace and I spoke for about 2 hours that evening. I learned that she had a drug and alcohol addiction since she was seventeen years old. Her parents were both alcoholics, and thus she became one as well, trading off between alcohol and drugs to hide the pain she held inside. Grace had been homeless off and on for several years, and once again she found herself staying in a Homeless Shelter. There are some people that touch the core of your heart, I believe these people have faith.  I believe God urges us on to bring that faith out to the tip of their heart where it once was, but has since been forgotten. Grace was one of these people. I told Grace that I’d meet her here at the shelter the following evening, the last evening the shelter would be open.  Since Grace kept talking about Proverbs 11 I told her I’d bring her a bible. I waited the next evening but Grace never came. I thought that Grace and I would probably never meet again, but God had other plans. There are no coincidences in life, only God moments. The next evening and week proved that God moments do exist.

Grace was calling for help, when she called a friend of mine. My friend also volunteered at the shelter, but she was more involved in the activities of the organization, she was one of the Street Warriors. My friend had given Grace her phone number in case she needed help, Grace called that number in the middle of the night and asked if we could get her into rehab. She said she was done with this life, she wanted more. The next morning, my friend picked Grace up and tried to help her find her way into a Rehab center. Every door was closed, every phone call was a mix of not today, but maybe tomorrow. Every rehab center was full. So Grace went to my friend’s house to stay with the hope that a bed in a rehab center would open within 3 days. We still made phone calls, yet every door was still closed, and we all pressed on. We read the bible to Grace, we shared stories of our faith and Grace listened. Grace was shown how a loving family operates, how Christ in your home helps lead the way for a family to live in harmony. My friend   lived a very faith based life and was hoping to become a missionary. We took Grace to church, and she realized how much she had missed that part of her life. Grace learned, watched and listened, and yet the rehab door did not opened. By the end of the week my friend and I had to make a decision, and we told Grace that she needed to go home. Grace needed to go back to her parents, back to the life she had left behind months before, before she became homeless. When a bed opened up at a rehab center, we would scoop her up and take her there.


Although it was one of the hardest decisions ever made, it was what was best for Grace. Through prayer we all realized that Grace needed to heal, heal with her family. So as I write these words on paper, Grace is seeing her family for the first time in months. My prayer this morning was for her to ask God for grace and that he would give her the words she needed to say to her family. Words can be harmful or words can heal. My hope is that Grace will heal with the words she speaks, and her family will realize that Grace truly is full of God’s grace and ready to move onto the next path in her life, a path which includes rehab and God in her life. I truly believe that by taking Grace off the streets we saved her. As God called us to do his will, I believe that if Grace stayed out there on the streets, she would have been lost amongst the homeless that never find their forever home. They never find their home because some are so lost that getting them back is next to impossible. Some homeless truly believe that they are unworthy, or they’ve hit so many dead ends in trying to succeed, they simply give up and are content to live a homeless lifestyle.
When you meet someone and you have a feeling, down to the core of your being that they are a good person, react. React so this person can move forward in their life. Listen to God’s calling, and know that He will use you to move people forward, forward to Him. Grace had something in her, she made it clear that she was going somewhere if she could go to rehab and beat her addiction. I know that she will change lives in the future, through Him she will change people’s lives with her life story. I know she will change lives, because Grace changed mine. Through Grace I learned to trust God, listen to his calling and know that what he asks of me is truly a blessing in disguise. This blessing that I found in Grace, I will carry forward as I help change more lives along the way and bring them closer to God.
Sandie Heckman


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