blue orchid

As I walked into my favorite store, I spied the most magnificent Orchid I’d ever laid eyes on. As I approached this beautiful flower standing tall in its glory, I was overcome with joy as it boldly led me directly to its location. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! There it sat for everyone to see, yet so many people passed it by as if it was merely an ordinary flower. I watched as people passed by, not even noticing how this magical flower waited for onlookers to take in the beauty of all its tiny blooms lightly strung along the vine.

This flower was so stunning that I couldn’t help but get my camera out and start taking pictures. I wanted so badly to buy this plant, yet the price tag was all too high for even my substandard wallet. So, I captured the beauty of this moment in a photo and went on my way.

My co-worker is a fond admirer of Orchids, and has many displayed in her office. I approached her about this beautiful flower and even showed her the photos I had taken. When she looked at the photos she described to me a measly flower that had been injected with blue die to mislead the onlooker to its untrue beauty. She described this flower as an imposter, posing as something magical and beautiful, yet when this plant blooms the second time it will bloom white. She said that “she would never buy this particular plant because it will never be the same the second time around”. “It will bloom as a boring white flower that no one will even care about or want to see”. Her perception of this plant left me overwhelmed with sorrow for this plant.  It got me thinking about “ordinary” people in our lives. Are we so in tuned to people of beauty that we tend to forget about those people in our lives, the ones do not stand out in a crowd?

We are all special in our own ways, yet we seem to be drawn to the person who is so outstanding in their looks and walks with an amazing grandeur, that we all want to be their friend. Do we only look at the outside of a person, instead of looking within? What if that beautiful person who walks with the finest of clothes is completely broken inside? Will we push them aside once we realize that they are just a mask on the outside, hiding something we do not want to deal with? What about the person who simply sits back and never says a word? The one that is so quiet in demeanor, and constantly cannot speak the words of beauty that lies within them because they are all too shy. That one particular small, meek person that feels unworthy to speak at all?

We are all “children of God”, made in his eyes to be majestic in our own way. We each have our own particular way of shining “God’s light” on those around us. Each in our own way represents a piece of Christ’s heart, colorful in many ways. We must try to bring out the special “heart pieces” in everyone for all to see. If we simply overlook the broken, the shy, the meek and   mild, how can we ever see God’s true love, his true colors in those around us? We are all like the orchids, blue, green purple, pink and white. It’s up to us to determine whether we desire to be with orchids that stand out or orchids that have beauty that comes from within. It is our job to find the good in all, to strive to lift those around us up so we may all bring forward the “spectacular colors” of God. So the “Blue Orchids” can shine through all of us.



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