For The Victims of Human Trafficking

For the Taken…


Look up through the crack in the ceiling

and you will find me watching over you

endlessly day after day.

 I long to hear your voice call out to me

as I embrace your soul and keep you safe.

 I’ve wondered how long it will take for you to see

that I am holding on to the whispers you cry,

and know that I had fallen

fallen in love with you the minute you were born.

Humble yourself to know that I will always,

always love you!

In my eyes, you are worthy till the end of time.

Look up and see me through the blue sky as

you look out your window on the world.

You will find me in the willow tree, the darkness of night

and in the bird that flies overhead.

I am waiting for you to call my name,

and I will come into your heart and give you peace.

Sandie Litsinger-Heckman 


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